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How does ServerlessQ compares to other competitors in the Space?

Amazon SQS

Amazon SQS is AWS's Simple Queue Service. SQS is a poll-based service with which you can interact via a standardized API. SQS allows consumers to poll messages (in contrast to pushing messages like in SNS). A typical consumer is an AWS Lambda Function that polls regularly for incoming messages.

ServerlessQ builds on top of AWS Services such as SQS. While SQS is an amazing service it has many configuration options and a steep learning curve.

Other than that there are many things that need to be taken care of because you know need to handle an AWS account. For example:

  • Handling IAM permissions
  • Handling users
  • Monitoring billing
  • Infrastructure as Code
  • Two code bases (one for lambda and for your app on Vercel)
  • Securing your accounts (MFA, Root Account, etc.)
  • Prod & Dev Accounts

ServerlessQ on the other hands gives you the simple opportunity to use a message queue without the overhead of an AWS account. Additionaly you can use Vercel's amazing features like the capability of serverless functions and you don't need to separate your code base.

PubSub GCP / Firebase

The PubSub product by GCP is also an amazing product. However, by deciding to go for a huge cloud provider you always have much overhead involved like we showed above for the SQS example.

If you only need background functionality in Vercel (or similar platforms) it makes much more sense to use products that are aimed at solving that problem, such as ServerlessQ.


Zeplo offers the opportunity for a serverless message queue. Zeplo handles requests by attaching options to the URL. For instance you can use While this is really simple to get started it can get quite harder to oversee these configuration objects in a larger application code base.

The pricing on Zeplo is not completely usage based and it has different tiers. ServerlessQ on the other handl is completely usage based. That means it is truly serverless since we scale down to zero.

Zeplo doesn't have a native Vercel integration. ServerlessQ offers an official Vercel integration and a SDK which integrates ServerlessQ seamlessly with Next.JS on Vercel.


Quirrel was another competitor in the space. They also did an amazing job by integrating serverless message queues with Vercel & Next.JS.

However, they required to run a local server and it wasn't offered to run in the cloud.

Quirrel was acquired by Netlify and won't be continued anymore.

qStash by Upstash

qStash is the serverless message queue offering by Upstash. While it has similar capabilities & a similar such as ServerlessQ it lacks a native integration into Vercel & Next.JS.


Mergent is also a player in the space of task scheduling. Tasks call webhooks and schedules are simple cron jobs.

Mergent's pricing is also completely based on the number of requets. However, the pricing starts at $20 / 10,000 task invocations which can get quite expensive for a normal application.

A native Vercel & Next.js integration is also not available.

Cloud AMPQ

CloudAMPQ is RabbitMQ as a Service. You can rent clusters of RabbitMQ Servers. CloudAMPQ is not a serverless offering and you need to pay a fixed fee for servers even if you don't use them.