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No AWS Account needed

The main benefit is that there is no need to use any huge cloud provider. AWS is amazing but it is complicated! There are so many things to take care of. We make it easy for you. There is no need to go through a setup of another message queue system like SQS, RabbitMQ, or similar.

We build on top of the world-leading services, like Amazon SQS, Lambda, EventBridge and several other services. You can use them without having to learn every detail of them.

Without ServerlessQ you need to:

  • Create an AWS account (with credit card)
  • Monitor your billing (remember there is no upper limit!)
  • Learn SQS (or similar)
  • Take care of IAM permissions

With ServerlessQ:

  1. Create a Queue
  2. Create your API / Webhook on Vercel (or similar=)
  3. Send a request with your defined target

That's it!

Reuse your API

A typical scenario is that: Your frontend application is deployed on Vercel with Next.js. You use the ability of API routes in pages/api/*. You now have a task that needs too long for your users to wait and you want to include some background functionality. For that you need to decouple your system. A simple message queue is enough. But using AWS for that is kind of overkill. You can't reuse your API and need to add code to a different code base. ServerlessQ lets you simply reuse your existing API by queueing the messages and sending them to your API.

With ServerlessQ you simply go ahead, create a queue and define your target per message. The actual API runs on your side.

Create a queue & send your messages right now. It will take < 1 minute. I promise that 🤞🏽

You can finally build asynchronous systems without the overhead.

The main functions we offer are:

  1. Serverless Message Queue
  2. Automatic Retries of messages

More features will come soon!