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Vercel ❤️ ServerlessQ

ServerlessQ offers a native integration with Vercel. The integration allows you to get easily started with ServerlessQ


You can head over directly to the integration page here and install the integration.

Or head over to your settings page in your ServerlessQ dashboard and install it from there.

Install Integration from Dashboard

Start the Installation Flow

Once you've opened the integration you can start the integration flow by clicking on Add Integration.

Start Installation Flow

Vercel Projects

First, select your scope (Personal or Team) and define on which projects we will have access to. Select the projects you want to user ServerlessQ in.

Select Project in Vercel

You will be redirected to ServerlessQ to start the process.

Installation Wizard

Now the installation wizard starts. You can either create a new account or login to an existing one.

Next, you'll see an overview of all projects ServerlessQ has access to. Check the projects you want to connect to this ServerlessQ account.

Connect Projects

After you've connected the project we set the environment variable SERVERLESSQ_API_TOKEN for you in these projects.

Create Queue

You can create your first queue!

Create your first queue

You can also create a queue from our SDK or later on. Simply click on Finish Installation and you're done!

If you've created a queue you will see an example screen on how to enqueue a message to this queue:

Success Screen

Click on Finish Installation and you're done! You can see your integrations settings in your dashboard.