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We can automatically retry your requests. This is a pro feature. If you want to give it a try send me a message through the chat.

Retry Interval

The retry interval is fixed at the moment. The retries happen right after the failure. There is no waiting time in between.


What is a failure?

Your message can fail on two levels:

  1. Request fails: For example you provided an invalid target
  2. Response fails: The response contains an unsuccessful status code
    • 400 - 500

How do I know that retries are happening?

You can see that retries are happening in your message overview. If a message will be retried it will be shown in your message overview with the state Retrying.

The request overview shows you the number of retries in the column currentRetry. 2/5 means it retried the second of 5 times.

For each retry with a response failure we attach the response for you for further analyzing. With request errors this is not possible, since no response is available.

The number of retries can be customised soon. Please let me know if you want to customize yours.

Example for retrying

Let's mock a retry. Go to your queue -> Send a Message

Enter as a target the API:

The API mocks certain response codes. E.g. with we mock a response code of 400

Mock 400 message

Hit send. You now see that the retries are counting up and the state is failed.

When you open up your message details you can see that we've got five responses now. These responses come from every retry that failed.

Failed Responses