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Welcome to ServerlessQ 👋🏽

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What is ServerlessQ

ServerlessQ is the serverless toolbox!

You want to use a message queue without the overhead of AWS? 👉🏽 You're at the right place

ServerlessQ lets you easily create Message Queues and Cron Jobs.

Its main focus is to enable users of serverless platforms like Vercel or Netlify to build full fleshed applications.

Add background functionality and regular schedules.

Message Queues

ServerlessQ allows you to send messages to a queue, and we will forward your messages to your target system. With that you can simply reuse your existing APIs and let your jobs run asynchronously. Background functions run without any wait time for your users.

Cron Jobs

Cron Jobs are scheduled events that will be executed regularly. Common examples are for instance sending regular newsletters each week or cleaning your database monthly. Cron Jobs are really powerful. Originally, they run on a Unix machine and execute some local script. But you can also use Cron Jobs to call webhooks and trigger functionality. Head over to Cron Jobs to see more details

Target Systems

Your API can run everywhere! Typically, the target APIs run on:

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