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ServerlessQ is Discontinued ⛔

Unfortunately, we need to shut down ServerlessQ out of different reasons. If you look for a similar service please check out the following ones:

ServerlessQ will be up until 01/01/24. If you need more time to migrate your workload please reach out to us at If you're interested in acquiring ServerlessQ reach out to us as well.


It mainly bowls down to competition and profitability.

ServerlessQ started as a side project about 1 1/2 years ago. We saw amazing adoption and had some great conversations with many customers. But there is also great competition out there with a larger feature set and lower prices. Finally, we realized that scheduling background tasks is often too easy for developers to pay a third-party service instead of doing it themselves. We can't put the time and effort into it to make it profitable so that it is worth the time.

We're very sorry for any additional work you face!

✌🏽 ServerlessQ Team


Welcome to ServerlessQ 👋🏽


Are you working with Next.JS? Check out our new SDK ⏭️ here 🎉

Otherwise, check out our Getting Started Guide.

What is ServerlessQ

Welcome to ServerlessQ, your ultimate serverless toolbox!

Looking for starting background tasks without the AWS hassle? You've found it!

ServerlessQ lets you effortlessly create Message Queues and Cron Jobs.

It's all about turbocharging users of serverless platforms like Vercel or Netlify to build robust applications.

Message Queues

ServerlessQ allows you to send messages to a queue, and we will forward your messages to your target system. All of that with a simple HTTP API

Cron Jobs

Cron Jobs are scheduled events that will be executed regularly. Common examples are for instance sending regular newsletters each week or cleaning your database monthly. Cron Jobs are really powerful. Originally, they run on a Unix machine and execute some local script. But you can also use Cron Jobs to call webhooks and trigger functionality. Head over to Cron Jobs to see more details

Target Systems

Your API can run everywhere! Typically, the target APIs run on:

Let's Chat!

Got questions or thoughts? Let's talk! Schedule a chat and get free help plus 10,000 requests extra!

Together, let's create something awesome 🚀